About Me

I’m flattered if you arrived here because you’d like to know a little more about me. My first programming activity was to translate a printed listing for a Star Trek game written in IBM basic to Timex Sinclair basic. I had a Timex Sinclair 1500, that I paid $65 for as my first computer. Later I implemented Core War on a Commodore 64. Those were heady days.

These days my “day job” programming consists mostly of something related to Web backends using PHP or database development which could be MySQL, MSSQL, or FileMaker.

Nights and weekends find me playing with functional programming paradigms using F#, the FP du jour or occasionally an attempt to bring portions of said paradigm into whatever C# or PHP code I might be hacking on.

I’m also a Dad and Husband enjoying the family life raising two boys. Of course, I have hobbies I love to tinker with too, namely Amateur Radio, Photography, Videography and Astronomy. When I have time, I do a video podcast with the guys from AmateurLogic.tv.

My resumeĀ“ is my Linkedin.com page. You can also follow me on GitHub