Interest in Jackson, MS area Cocoaheads group

Cocoaheads seems to be a nice group for iOS and OS X devs. Several of us around the Jackson, MS area are gauging interest and talking about starting a local chapter.

If you think you might like to attend or participate, contact me for specifics. I’m @jimmydburrell on Twitter or you can leave comments on this post.

  • Michael

    I am a local consultant with a Comp Sci degree from USM. Its an old degree from the age of PASCAL, FORTRAN, and other classic languages. Although, windows is central to my business my first choice in an OS is OS X. At the moment I am playing with Objective C and contemplating classes in Windows Server, OS X Server, and Objective C.

    A few decades back I was among those who started the original Mac users group in the Jackson area. Unfortunately, it fell apart for various reasons. Needless to say, I would be very interested in the group you are suggesting. It would be nice to connect with others that have similiar interests. Please, contact me at MIKEPFL@GMAIL.COM.